Small Grants Project and Equipment Fund

Before you consider applying for a grant, you need to be sure that your organisation and your project meet the criteria for this funding. We strongly recommend that all applicants email prior to submitting or working on an application.

The information below explains what organisations and projects the fund can support.

When to apply:

  • January through to March with the board meeting in April
  •  May through to July with the board meeting in August
  • September through to November with the board meeting in December

Applications which are eligible:

An application is likely to be funded if it meets the following criteria:

  • Applications must be for between £1,000 and £49,999 and the total project costs must not exceed £150,000
  • Projects must be deliverable in a 12 month period from the date of receiving your award letter
  • If successful your project start date must be within 12 weeks from the date of your award letter
  • You need to demonstrate why this project can't be funded by another source. You will need to show evidence that you have applied for funding elsewhere.
  • Your project must focus on the funds core strategic goal which is to provide sustainable sport in Hatfield. In addition, your project must be working towards one or more of the following strategic objectives which include:
  1. Creating opportunities for young people to play sport
  2. The development of an existing sport in Hatfield
  3. Getting under-represented groups involved in sport in Hatfield

Examples of projects that might be funded include:

  • Projects involving construction or refurbishment of property. Including the erection of temporary buildings or land improvement work. (e.g. drainage, resurfacing of playing surfaces, laying of artificial surfaces or installation of irrigation systems and refurbishment of changing facilities)
  • Purchase of significant equipment, for example goals and nets. Any fixed equipment requiring planning permission is the responsibility of the applicant. Please contact the grant officer if you are unsure.
  • Towards the costs of coaching qualifications.
  • Project costs associated to increasing participation.

Who can apply:

The Small Grants Project and Sports development fund is available to organisations that are formally constituted, not-for-profit organisations and statutory bodies. These might include sports clubs, voluntary organisations and local authorities. You will not be eligible for this fund if you are an individual, a sole trader, partnership or organisations established to make profit.

Eligible organisations will have a written constitution or governing document which should contain a clear not-for-profit statement and charitable dissolution clause. Membership (if applicable) of the organisation should be open to all sections of the community and its governing committee should include at least three individuals who are not related and who do not live together.

The organisation applying to the fund will be required to show supporting documents highlighting appropriate governance.

If the organisation applying for the fund is part of a larger organisation, documentation should highlight that your organisation is sufficiently independent from them. And/or if your organisation does not have its own committee, bank account and/or constitution written support from your parent organisation is required, which highlights them accepting overall responsibility for this application and the management of the fund if successful.

What won't be funded:

  • If the project is eligible to be funded by a Sport England's Small Grants application and no application has been made. (unsuccessful applications will be considered)
  • Projects that do not benefit Hatfield residents.
  • Projects that are for sports not recognised by Sport England or do not directly link to getting people physically active.
  • The general running costs of an organisation. (e.g. day to day expenses such as rent, gas, electricity, and insurance costs)
  • Any event/pilot project.
  • Existing activity, this includes repeat funding of projects previously supported by this fund.
  • Items which only benefit an individual e.g. bursaries or kit and equipment that is not shared.
  • Coaching costs, (however we will fund coaching qualifications.)
  • Team playing kits.
  • Salaries.
  • Used road vehicles.
  • Any funding to the same organisation in any 12 month period, from the date of our award letter.
  • Projects that take place or incur costs (including deposits and costs associated in submitting the application) before the date of the offer letter.
  • Contingency costs and VAT your organisation can recover.
  • Projects involving travel to another country.
  • Sponsorship, endowments or loan repayments.

Pre-Submission Checklist:

Before submitting your application make sure that:

  • Your organisation meets all the eligibility criteria for the fund
  • Your project fits with the strategic goal of providing sustainability in sport and one or more of HCSF objectives
  • You have provided details of two independent referees
  • Your project is well-planned and you have a robust and realistic budget
  • You have provided evidence of costs for the project including where required/ appropriate three quotes for the work or equipment
  • You can demonstrate that there is a need/demand for your project
  • You have highlighted whether or not the project is subject to a successful planning application, and if required at what stage that application is at
  • You have detailed what success looks like for the project
  • You can measure the results of the project to demonstrate its success

Documents you will need to include:

Please ensure the following documents are provided at the point of application:

  • Governing document/constitution (if applicable)
  • Most recent accounts (past three years of audited and approved accounts) (if applicable)
  • Last three months bank statements (if applicable)
  • Safeguarding policies for children and vulnerable adults (if applicable)
  • Development/Business plan for the project
  • Budget for the proposed project
  • Letters of support from National Governing Body (if applicable)
  • If applicable evidence of recent successful, in process or unsuccessful funding applications that are directly linked to this project
  • If applicable a long term delivery plan on how the facility will be upgraded when required (e.g. a sink fund)

Applicants will be expected to give a brief 5 minute presentation to the board to explain why the board should fund your project this will be followed by questions from the board members.

Your application will not be considered until all application documents have been provided and reviewed by the officers. Any application submitted after the advertised closing date will not be considered in that funding round.