• Above County average pregnancy conception rate in under 18s.
  • Hertfordshire is predicted to have 26,000 children diagnosed with a mental health problem by 2020. Self- harming and young person's suicide is increasing nationally.
  • There is a decline in young girls participating in sport and exercise.
  • Welwyn Hatfield has the highest number of young carers in the county.
  • It is estimated nationally that 3 million children are at risk of hunger in the school holidays.
  • Providing accommodation and support for young people in care and leaving care in our area.


To work to provide support, access and education around the importance of physical and mental health.


1. Understand the needs of young carers and/or vulnerable groups at risk of not thriving/achieving their full potential and help provide appropriate support and opportunities. Strive for all young people to succeed with opportunities as good as those for any other young person, through:

  • An increase in awareness and understanding of the struggles that young carers face.
  • An increase in awareness and understanding of the struggles that young people leaving the care system face.
  • Ensuring the continuation of the WH Young Carers and Mental Health leads in schools group.
  • Increasing the confidence of young carers to come forward and make themselves known to schools or Carers in Herts.
  • An Increase in provision of programmes that look to address Holiday Hunger.

2. Improve the level of activity in sport or physical activity and build on local participation to break down the barriers that young people face around participating in physical activity, to achieve:

  • A reduction in young people struggling with body confidence and self-image issues and therefore raising self-esteem and promoting wellbeing
  • A reduction in obesity rates
  • A reduction in the number of girls and secondary school opting out of physical activity.

3. Promote wellbeing and support services for young people suffering with poor mental /emotional health by delivery of targeted campaigns and initiatives through partnership approach. To achieve:

  • An increase in the number of young males seeking support services for mental health.
  • Provision of information, support and promotion of wellbeing activities to young people within the borough.