Under the Gambling Act 2005 licensing authorities are responsible for issuing various permissions, permits and notices relating to the use of premises for gambling activities within their local areas.

The Gambling Act 2005 has three clear objectives:

  • Keeping gambling crime free
  • Making sure that gambling is fair and open
  • Protecting children and vulnerable adults

Unlike the Licensing Act, the Gambling Act does not include the prevention of public nuisance as an objective. There is however other relevant legislation that deals with public nuisance.

Lottery registrations

Registration of small society lotteries, Gambling Act 2005.

What is a small society lottery

A small society lottery is when tickets are sold in advance and drawn on a later date. This involves no level of skill and the possibility of winning a prize is totally left to chance; every ticket holder has an equal chance of winning the stated prizes. 

The total proceeds per single lottery must be £20000 or less, or the aggregate value of tickets to be put on sale for all lotteries in a calendar year must not exceed £250000. No single prize may be worth more than £25000.

To be registered as a small society lottery the society must be recognised as a non commercial society and at least 20% of the proceeds of any lottery must be devoted to those purposes, to which the society is conducted.

The society must be established and conducted:

  • For charitable purposes
  • For the purpose of enabling participation in, or of supporting, sport, athletics or a cultural activity
  • For any other non - commercial purpose other than that of private gain.

For further information please read:Small society lotteries further information


The promoting society of a small society lottery must, throughout the period during which the lottery is promoted, be registered with the licensing authority for the area where their principal office is located.

Application for small society lottery registration must be in the prescribed form and be accompanied by the registration fee (£40) and any documentation required by the licensing authority.

Registrations can be renewed annually at a cost of £20.  You will be contacted prior to the expiry of your registration with a renewal form.

Lottery application form 


When a lottery has been held, the promoter must send a Return detailing the appropriation of monies from the proceeds of the lottery, not later than the end of the third month after the date of the lottery.

The Return must be certified by two members of the society (other than the promoter) being persons of full age, appointed in writing, by the governing body of the society.  Failure to send a Return in accordance with the statutory provisions constitutes an offence and any person who knowingly gives or certifies any false information in such a Return, also renders himself liable to prosecution.

Lottery returns form