Are you worried about rising energy prices?

Here are 10 energy saving tips that could save you up to £200 a year!


Tip 1: Turn down the heat

Turning down your thermostat by 1 degree C can save you up to 10% on your heating bills - that's around £50 a year!

Set your hot water thermostat or immersion heater to 60 degrees C. You should find that's plenty hot enough.

Close your curtains when it gets dark to stop heat escaping through the windows.

When it's not too cold outside, set your timer so that your central heating only comes on when you're at home.

During really cold, freezing, weather, leave your heating on a low level all the time - even if you're out.13 degrees C should be high enough when you're not at home.


Tip 2: Switch off the lights

Switching lights off in rooms you're not using could save you up to £20 a year.


Tip 3: Choose the right appliances

When you buy new electrical equipment, choose products that have a good energy rating. It could save you around £50 a year.

Look out for the Energy Trust recommended label. It shows that the product is one of the most energy efficient of its kind.


Tip 4: Insulate your home

Insulating your hot water tank will keep your water hotter for longer, and could save you about £20 a year. We can fit insulating jackets for hot water tanks.

Most of our properties are insulated and fitted with UPVC windows and doors. This helps to keep your home warm and could potentially reduce your heating bill by up to £200 a year.


Tip 5: Monitor how much energy you're using

Request an energy saving monitor from your supplier. It won't reduce your bills, but it will help you discover where you're wasting electricity and how you can be more efficient.


Tip 6: Kitchen savings

Only put your washing machine on if you have a full load.

If the weather's good, hang your clothes outside to dry instead of using a tumble dryer.

Set your machine to a 40 degrees C cycle instead of a 60 degrees cycle and you'll use a third less electricity!

To keep your fridge running efficiently, defrost it regularly and position it away from cookers and radiators.

Remember that using a toaster is more economical than using a grill to make toast.

Only boil as much water as you need in your kettle (but be sure to cover the element so that the kettle doesn't boil dry).

Your saucepans will heat up faster if you cover them with a lid. Try to match the size of the saucepan to the size of the cooker rings on your hob.


Tip 7: Don't waste water

Fix dripping taps. It will save both water and energy. In just two weeks a dripping hot water tap will waste enough water to fill a bath!

Don't leave taps running for longer that you need to when you're cleaning your teeth or washing up.

If you're a keen gardener, but a water butt to capture the rain water and use it to water your garden during the summer months.

If you don't already have one, you could save money by switching to a water meter. It will depend on how many people live in your home. Switching to a water meter is free. Search for 'water bill comparison service' on a search engine of your choice to calculate how much you could save.


Tip 8: Rethink the way you travel

Care share for your journey to work or when you collect your children from school.

Take the bust instead of travelling by car.

For shorter journeys, consider walking or cycling - it will also help to improve your fitness!


Tip 9: Buy local!

To reduce your carbon footprint, try to avoid buying food and other products that have been shipped or flown in from overseas. You could buy locally produced meat, fruit, vegetables and other food from your nearest farmers' market.

If you have a garden, you could grow your own fruit and vegetables! Whenever possible, buy products that don't use a lot of packaging and recycle as much as you can.


Tip 10: Unplug it!

Most households add £40 to their annual electricity bill by leaving their appliances on standby. When you switch off using a remote control, your appliances will remain on standby. To turn off electrical goods completely, switch off at the plug or use a power button.

Don't leave mobiles or laptops on charge for longer than you need to. Unplug them as soon as they've finished charging.

By adopting these energy saving tips, you'll make savings that add up nicely over a year! The savings you make will vary depending on energy process, the size and age of your home and how well it's insulated. 


Getting help from the Energy Angels

Energy Angels work with the Housing Maintenance Team to switch our empty properties over to more competitive tariffs through a selection of 'non big 6' suppliers. This ensures that next the tenants to move in to the property are on the best tariff possible. In 2017 the energy supplies of 490 properties were switched whilst they were empty, which will result in households saving an estimated £37,731 on their energy bills.

Energy Angels offer a full energy market comparison service to all Welwyn Hatfield residents which helps you to find the best energy tariff possible. If you wish to contact Energy Angels direct and save money on your gas and electricity bills, please visit the Energy Angels website or call 01902 585 503 (Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm).