We make our own special organic stone ground flour at the mill, which you can buy.

The organic stone ground, whole wheat flour milled on the premises is available for sale in the museum shop priced at:

£1.50 for 0.5kg

£2.80 for 1.5kg

£4.80 for 3kg

£7.50 for 6kg

£14.50 for 12kg

Special orders can be made. We can also mill to suit your baking needs for everything from chapattis to cakes: we will try our very best to give you what you want. Come and chat to the miller about your requirements. We are also happy to sell grain, which some customers use to feed animals or indeed mill themselves at home using hand querns.

To find out more about traditional mills and milling visit The Traditional Cornmillers Guild.

Contact us for more information and wholesale prices.