Healthcare Permits

Healthcare Parking Permits

All Zones Healthcare Parking Permits allow a professional healthcarer to carry out homecare medical visits to residents within on street parking permit zones.

The permits last for one year and can be renewed.

To be eligible for a Healthcare Parking Permit

You should be providing a service to multiple residents within the Borough for medical needs and regulated by CQC.

If your organisation's name does not appear on our permit system contact us so we can check you are eligible.

Apply for a Healthcare Parking Permit

You will need:

  • a headed letter confirming the organisation you work for
  • proof the vehicle is registered/insured to you

Apply online using our parking permit portal

Follow the steps below:

  • click on 'Apply for a permit'
  • select 'I am a Community Medical Healthcare Provider'
  • choose  'All Zones – Healthcare Permit' from the Street Name section
  • select your organisation’s name from the 'Property
  • enter the postcode and click “search”
  • complete the rest of application and then make the payment

What the permit covers:

  • parking in on street in resident permit zones to carry out home medical visits within Welwyn Hatfield only

What the permit does not cover:

  • parking outside the borough of Welwyn Hatfield 
  • parking in car parks and other parking restriction areas such as yellow lines or time limit bays (1 hour bays)
  • parking in order to work within the usual place of work such as a doctors surgery*
  • parking to transport patients
  • any other home provision such as DIY, hairdressing, gardening, housework etc.

*Surgery staff wanting to park near the practice should apply for a business permit instead.