How we consult on changes to parking in the borough.

Initial and Design Stage Consultations

During the initial and design stage consultations the council ask people affected by parking proposals for their opinion about possible solutions to a parking problem.

These are some of the groups that may be consulted:

  • Residents
  • Businesses
  • Churches, charities and other community organisations
  • Local councils
  • Herts County Council
  • The police , fire and ambulance service


Formal/Statutory Consultation

During the forma/statutory consultation the council publishes a Notice of Intent in the Welwyn Hatfield Times and erects notices in the roads affected.  Anyone may object to proposals at this stage. All objections must be considered by a Cabinet Planning and Parking Panel in a public meeting, and make a recommendation.  This is presented to the Council's Cabinet who will then make a decision to either:

  • allow the proposed restrictions to be put in place as advertised
  • amend the proposed restrictions (this can only be done if this makes the proposal less restrictive)
  • stop the proposed restrictions from being put in place (in which case this may mean the consultation process will start again)

The formal/statutory consultation for experimental parking restrictions is slightly different and only applies to single or double yellow lines. The lines and signs are put in place at the same time as the Notice of Intent is published in the Welwyn Hatfield Times and the notices are erected on the roads affected.  Anyone may object to the experiment within the first six months after the notice is published. The experiment can be amended at any time in the first year.  The experiment must end after eighteen months. Any remaining objections will then be considered by the council, using the same process as mentioned previously.


Electric Charging Points

Currently there are two electric charging points, one on Howardsgate, Welwyn Garden City and the second in The Common, Hatfield. Vehicles must be charging when parked in these bays. If the vehicle is not charging they may receive a penalty charge notice if this is observed by a civil enforcement officer.


Parking Improvements

Officers look at the locations which are on the work programme to see if there are any suitable areas, which could be converted into more parking space during this project.
This could be done by removing part of the verge or green area to construct parking bays. Each area will be visited and assessed to see if this is feasible. Resident and businesses will be notified if any such scheme will be taking place in their road.

If you think there is an area which would be suitable to create more parking space and it is in the Parking Services work programme, please contact our Customer Services team on 01707 357000 or an Officer will assess the location and advise you of the outcome.

Parking Services also construct hardstandings and vehicle cross-over's for Council tenants. If you wish to be considered to have one of these, please email your Housing Officer.

If your road is not included on the works programme, and you would like to build your own hardstand and vehicle cross-over, please refer to the guidance from Planning on Altering your home.

The Parking Services work programmes are approved each year by the Council's Cabinet.