Amendments to the legal documents for permit parking schemes

Parking Services is proposing to amend  the  legal documents relating to all the Council's permit parking schemes. The proposed amendments will not change any prices nor do they amend the enforcement time or the length of restrictions on the road.

So why are we updating the legal documents? The Council started testing a new online permit system last year and  we are now issuing paperless parking permits and paperless visitor permits via our website. The new permit system requires that each individual eligible address within a permit parking zone is defined. The existing legal documents use  general terms such as "all properties" or "Odds" and "Evens" followed by a range of numbers and do not contain definitions for paperless permits. 

Parking Services is about to make amendments to the Control of Parking consolidation Order 2017. The consolidation order contains most of the exiting legal documents relating to on street permit parking up to 2014/15. The amendments will cover all of the following permit zones  A 05, A 06, A 07, A 08, AK, AV, B 01, B 02, B 03, C 01, D 01, D 02, D 03, E 01 and F 01. Notices will be erected in the affected permit zones. A notice will also be published in the Welwyn Hatfield Time on 26 September and a draft order created.  A copy of the notice ,the statement of reasons and the draft order may be down loaded here  Icon for pdf Public Notice and other documents 26 09 2018