Area Four largely consists of Businesses located along the length of Beaconsfield Road, It also includes Bury Road. The Parade and parts of St Albans Road East have been included in this survey due to the parking patterns of their staff and visitors to their businesses.

Beaconsfield Road serves a number of businesses. It is subject to a high level of long stay commuter parking due to its close proximity to the Railway Station. Businesses have complained of a lack of parking space, both for their staff and visitors. The Council are therefore proposing the implementation of shared use parking bays, catering for both the casual user and permit holder.

Additional yellow line restrictions together with a Verge Protection Order, are also proposed to prevent obstructive parking of the footway and damage to verges.

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Area 4 - Letters to businesses - Notice of Intention - 23rd August 2019
Letter to businesses informing them of waiting restriction proposals to be advertised. Signifies commencement of statutory consultation. Includes opportunity to submit formal objections.
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Area 4 - Letter to Businesses - 14th August 2019
Results letter of June 2019 - Letter explains there was no demand for the proposed shared use business permit parking bays. Amended double yellow line restrictions proposed only
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Area 4 - Letter to Businesses - 10th June 2019
Letter to businesses in Beaconsfield Road and Bury Road, including proposals on junction protection and shared use permit parking bays
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French Horn Lane Area - Follow up letter - 25th May 2018
Letter to Residents of those roads with a low response rate to letter of 26th January 2018
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French Horn Lane Area - Proposed Verge Protection Order - 26th January 2018
Plan drawings illustrating areas affected by proposed verge protection order
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French Horn Lane Area - Proposed restrictions - 26th January 2018
Plan drawings illustrating proposed waiting restrictions, including resident permit parking areas
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French Horn Lane Area - Initial survey letter - 26th January 2018
First survey letter to residents containing initial proposals on waiting restrictions and verge protection order