Think digital


Our people will be key to driving successful digital development.

Our staff need to have the right skills, and also the right mind set. They also need to feel empowered to drive change.

Through our wider #OurFuture transformation programme, we will drive cultural change and embrace the redesign of services, embedding a 'think digital' culture across the organisation. That means thinking about how we can use digital technologies to deliver our services, from start to finish, in everything that we do.

To support this, we will use digital champions within services to coordinate digital improvement activities, undertake testing, and to encourage their colleagues to think about the delivery of their services in new ways. These representatives will champion the delivery of digital change at service level, analysing existing processes and user needs, and highlighting development opportunities (see Appendix B).

Using new and improved technologies, training and hardware, we will empower our staff, ensuring that they have the best tools we can provide for them to do their jobs.

What will we do:

  • Engage with staff in the design and development of solutions
  • Work with teams to identify efficiencies and improve service delivery through digitalisation
  • Implement a new intranet that gives staff better access to the tools they need
  • Introduce Digital Champions to promote a 'think digital' culture
  • Continue to embed a #OneTeam culture as part of #OurFuture programme

We will empower our staff, ensuring that they have the best tools