Think digital


To provide customers with a single point of access to services and data, and our staff with a single view of the customer, we will purchase a single digital platform which will interface with our service specific back office systems (Appendix C).

Through service design, we will identify and purchase the hardware/software required to provide our staff with the tools they need.

Whenever we tender for new software, or negotiate the extension of licences for existing software, we will ensure that all Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are included to enable the interface with the single platform, and other software. We will ensure our ICT strategy reflects our digital vision and sets a clear strategy for future ICT purchases.

Clouds provide computing capability without the need to have infrastructure on site, such as physical servers. We will embrace the use of cloud technologies, giving these priority status over traditional technology, and we will look to make use of single identities and cloud based authentication.

We will undertake a review of our applications to streamline them where possible and ensure that those used are the best to meet the needs of the customer.

We have 38 applications which we consider to be core service applications (such as customer relations management, rents and repairs, payroll, income management and planning processes). They are provided by 31 software vendors.

Software overview:

  • 10 are true cloud SaaS applications, accessed on the internet via a web browser
  • 1 of these systems is available for up to 500 users
  • 27 of these have fewer than 100 users
  • 8 are available to 100 - 300 users
  • 2 systems are available to all users (intranet and web forms)

What will we do:

  • Undertake a systems analysis to better understand our base systems, hosting and future requirements
  • Conduct an ongoing review of our ICT Strategy, responding to new technology
  • Undertake an options appraisal and put plans in place for the future of our ICT delivery (our current contract ends December 2022)
  • Enable all staff to work in an agile and flexible way (remote/ home working)
  • Utilise the Government Digital Marketplace for procurement