Think digital


In 2019, following a very positive Local Government Association Peer Challenge report and recommendations, the council's chief executive set out a vision to all staff of #OurFuture.

This highlighted an opportunity to undertake a comprehensive modernisation programme, a cornerstone of which will be how we respond to ever-changing demands on our services and the new ways that people want to access them.

This strategy sets out how we will support #OurFuture by using modern and innovative digital methods to support service delivery, drive change and efficiency, and put customers at the heart everything we do.

Accessing online services shouldn't be difficult. We need to build services that are simple and intuitive enough for all our customers to use them. They should also be consistent. We provide a wide range of services and each of them should be able to be accessed in similar ways.

This strategy will be reviewed on an annual basis during its lifespan, and an annual report will be published to provide a high level summary of progress against the strategy.

A comprehensive modernisation programme...

Ka Ng
Corporate Director
(Resources, Environment and Cultural Services)

Cllr Duncan Bell
Executive Member for Resources