Think digital

Our Vision

To become more efficient and customer-focused by 'thinking digital': developing, implementing and continuously improving the way people can access our services.

Our aims:

  1. To provide customers with modern, efficient and accessible services
    - Make digital the preferred method of choice for customer contact
    - Provide a single point of access for customers to access their data and services
    - Provide 24/7 access for customers to access data, make bookings or to submit requests for services
    - Make best use of technology to keep customers informed
    - Ensure as many of our services are available online as possible
  2. Drive modernisation and efficiencies through digital innovation and feedback
    - Put customers at the heart of service delivery, adopting service by design principles
    - Ensure customers can provide feedback easily, and use this feedback to shape services
    - Provide consistent branding and a seamless user experience
    - Simplify core infrastructure where possible
    - Embrace cloud based technology
  3. To make digital services available to all
    - Ensure our website meets accessibility standards
    - Contact our customers how they want to be contacted (for example text messaging or emails)
    - Engage effectively with our customers to ensure they know how they can access our services
    - Use champions in our communities to promote and facilitate the use of digital technologies
  4. Have a digitally empowered workforce
    - Ensure our staff have the best tools and skills to do their job
    - Provide a single view of the customer whilst protecting customer data
    - Make best use of current and emerging technologies
    - Create a 'think digital' culture amongst our workforce