Think digital

Structure and governance

In order to deliver the strategy, we will make use of existing resources where we can, and invest in specialist support where required.

We will build on the skills and knowledge of our digital and web development staff, embedding the right ways of working for them to support the development of our digital services, and work closely with third party providers and partners where appropriate. They will work as part of the Digital Delivery Project Group (DDPG) which also incorporates business analysis, ICT, customer insight and performance management (see Appendix B).

We will also realign our practices to ensure that we no longer deliver digital development in a silo-led, ad hoc way (Appendix D). This will remove inefficiencies and duplications, over-reliance on third party suppliers, and the potential development of solutions that do not meet Government Digital Service (GDS) or accessibility standards.

A Digital Strategy Corporate Working Group (DS-CWG) will be set up to oversee the delivery of the strategy (see Appendix B). The group will have responsibility for driving digital change and monitoring the delivery of the digital strategy, along with approving upgrades, extensions and purchases of new software.

This will be a multi-disciplined group made up of senior officers from throughout the council. The group will be comprised of a core set of individuals, with others being part of the group as required. The group will be supported by our partner for IT provision when necessary.

The DS-CWG will also have responsibility for overseeing the work of the DDPG and agreeing development opportunities highlighted by Digital Champions. The Chair of DS-CWG will also attend the Modernisation Programme Strategic Board who have overall responsibility for delivering our modernisation agenda.

What will we do:

  • Agree our delivery method and budgets
  • Ensure we have the right skills and resources in a corporate Digital Delivery Project Group
  • Allocate adequate resource with ICT/development partners for them to support digitalisation projects
  • Set up a Digital Strategy Corporate Working Group and agree the Terms of Reference
  • Set up individual project (reporting to DS-CWG or DDPG) as needed