Freedom of information policy

Fees and Charges

Wherever possible, WHBC will provide information free of charge. Charges may be levied for certain information or publications listed in the Publication Scheme. Where this is the case, the applicable charge will be listed and will be payable prior to the information being supplied.

Fees may be incurred for requests for information that fall outside the Publication Scheme to cover the costs of locating, retrieving and communicating the information to the applicant e.g. photocopying and postage.

A fees notice will be sent to the applicant which must be paid within three months. If the fee is not paid within this time limit, it will be assumed that the applicant no longer wants the information and the request will be cancelled.

The Council will advise the applicant as soon as possible if their request for information exceeds the maximum defined in the FOIA Fee Regulations. In these circumstances, the applicant will be offered the opportunity to either amend their request so that as much of the information that they had originally requested can be provided within the fees limit or pay the full cost over the maximum stipulated where this is practical and manageable. In all cases, the Council will consult with the applicant to provide as much information within a reasonable cost.