Information Request policy


Requests for information will not be processed where the information:

  • Does not exist in a recorded format.
  • Is intended for future publication.
  • Is already contained as part of the Model Publication Scheme.
  • Is already available via an existing charged service i.e. Public Register.
  • Is subject to any existing legislation where statutory access rights apply either to the Council or any other public authority.

The Council will provide written notice to applicants of refusals and/or part refusals of requests for information.  The notice will include details of any exemptions that have been applied with an explanation of why the exemption applies. In cases where the public interest test has been applied resulting in non-disclosure, the reasons for refusal will be given and the arguments that have been considered when deciding upon disclosure.

The notice will also give details of the Council’s appeals procedure if the applicant wishes to appeal against the decision.