Freedom of information policy


Overall responsibility for the efficient administration of the Act lies with the Freedom of Information Officer. This is currently Alison Marston, Principal Governance Officer, Governance Services team.

Her duties include:

  • Ensuring that WHBC complies with its obligations under the FOIA.
  • Identify and monitor responses and procedures and adapt these to meet best practice.
  • Offer guidance to staff on FOI issues.
  • Co-ordinate and monitor FOI requests.
  • Develop and revise the Publication Scheme in conjunction with the appropriate staff.

The Data Protection Officer will deal with issues relating to Data Protection and will liaise with the FOI Officer to ensure that requests for information are handled effectively and in accordance with the relevant procedures and timescales.

All staff and members must comply with this policy and are responsible for ensuring that:

  • All information they hold, whether electronically or manually is kept secure.
  • All information is retained in accordance with the Retention and Disposal policy.
  • Personal information is not disclosed deliberately or accidentally either orally or in writing to any unauthorised third party