Information Request policy


Overall responsibility for the efficient administration of the Acts lies with the Principal Governance Officer.

Their duties include:

  • Ensuring that the Council complies with its obligations under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Environmental Information Regulations 2004.
  • Identify and monitor responses and procedures and adapt these to meet best practice.
  • Offer guidance to staff on Information request issues.
  • Co-ordinate and monitor information requests.
  • Develop and revise the Model Publication Scheme in conjunction with the appropriate staff.

All Managers  must comply with this policy and are responsible for ensuring that:

  • All information they hold, whether electronically or manually is kept secure.
  • All information is retained in accordance with their specific service’s retention policies.
  • Personal information is not disclosed deliberately or accidentally either orally or in writing to any unauthorised third party
  • requested information is collated by themselves or delegated to a member of their team.