Equality policy

Vision, values and priorities

Welwyn Hatfield Council provides services to 122,000 people who live in the borough and the many more who work and study here. The council has more than 500 employees and indirectly provides employment opportunities for the many contractors who provide services on the council’s behalf. We are passionate about delivering excellent, inclusive services within our borough and this is supported by our corporate vision, values and business objectives.

Our Vision


To make Welwyn Hatfield a great place to live, work and study with a vibrant, growing economy.

Our Values

Our values demonstrate what is important to us in our dealings with residents, businesses, partners and employees.


We will be honest, clear and consistent about what we do


We will have respect for residents, businesses, partners and employees


We will fair in our policies and decision making, listening to the views and feedback we receive.


We will be approachable, accountable and transparent in the way we communicate and conduct our business.

Our Corporate Priorities

1 Maintain a safe and healthy community

  • Work with partners to keep people safe.
  • Help improve and maintain the health and wellbeing of residents.
  • Provide for a wide variety of leisure covering arts, culture, fitness and sport.

2 Protect and enhance the environment

  • Keep our streets clean and work with residents to reduce litter.
  • Improve recycling rates and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.
  • Maintain and improve our green spaces.
  • Deliver effective parking services.

3 Meet the borough's housing needs

  • Plan for the housing needs of our communities
  • Increase the supply of new, affordable homes. 
  • Effectively manage the borough's housing stock.
  • Allow for sustainable growth that protects our environment and heritage.

4 Help build a strong local economy

  • Promote the borough as an attractive place in which to invest.
  • Revitalise our town centres and other shopping areas.

5 Engage with our communities and provide value for money

  • Deliver value for money.
  • Provide outstanding customer service.
  • Ensure fair and open access for our diverse communities.
  • Effectively communicate what we do.