Our Vision

Our vision, which describes what we want to achieve as an organisation, recognises and celebrates what's good about our borough and what sets us apart from everyone else. For the period to 2021 it is: To work together to keep Welwyn Hatfield a great place to live, work and study with a vibrant and growing economy.


Our Priorities and Objectives

Our vision is achieved by working with our partners, businesses and residents towards our five corporate priorities and their supporting objectives. These are:

1.     Our Community

-        Promoting inclusive and safe communities

-        Improving public health and well-being

-        Supporting local sport and leisure

-        Promoting local art and culture


2.     Our Environment

-        Keeping our streets clean

-        Reducing waste and improving recycling

-        Enhancing our green spaces

-        Managing the borough's parking


3.     Our Housing

-        Planning for current and future housing need

-        Providing more affordable homes

-        Being a high quality landlord

-        Improving housing quality in the borough


4.     Our Economy

-        Promoting investment and regeneration

-        Revitalising our neighbourhood and town centres

-        Supporting sustainable economic growth

-        Being business friendly


5.     Our Council

-        Achieving value for money

-        Putting our customers first

-        Promoting equality and fairness

-        Being an employer of choice


Each year we develop and publish an action plan with targets and indicators we use to measure our performance against these priorities and objectives, and which are reported to the council's Cabinet and to our Overview and Scrutiny Committees.


Our Values

Everything we do is underpinned by our values. They demonstrate what is important to us in our dealings with residents, businesses, partners and employees. These are:

·       Fairness

We will be fair in our policies and in our decision making, listen to the views and learn from the feedback we receive.

·       Integrity

We will be honest, clear and consistent about what we do.

·       Respect

We will have respect for our residents, businesses, partners and employees.

·       Innovative

We will evaluate and implement new ways of providing our services when it leads to greater efficiency without compromising their quality.

·       Responsive

We will ensure we respond to internal and external influences on our services by adapting them to meet changing needs.

·       Transparent

We will be approachable, accountable and open in the way we communicate and conduct our business.