Annual report


We want to modernise to ensure we can deliver effective and efficient services that meet people's needs within a sustainable budget.

We want to modernise the council to ensure we can deliver effective and efficient services that meet people's current and future needs within a sustainable budget.

This means having a better understanding of what our residents need and want, assembling our services more quickly and at a lower cost, and achieving continuous improvement in our services based on data and evidence.

#OurFuture links the outcomes of an independent peer review challenge completed on the council and brings together four strategic work streams. These are:

1. Modernisation

This means looking at everything we do from our processes and our people, and how we can best use technology to deliver our services as effectively as possible. It is about having the right people in the right place, and doing the right thing with the right tools.

2. #OneTeam

Our culture is key to this as it ensures we all demonstrate the approach and behaviours which will be vital to the success of our ambitious modernisation plans.  

3. Think Digital

This is about everyone evaluating and embracing new technology and continuously thinking about how we can plan, deliver and monitor our service delivery more efficiently.

4. Customer First

This means providing effective services for our customers, whoever they are, and not losing sight of what we are here to do. Our services should always be designed by considering our customers first.

#OurFuture will also take account of the work we have been doing, and will continue to do, as the many impacts of Covid-19 are managed and we build greater resilience to protect our services.

We will keep you informed and updated on our progress both on the council's website and on our One Welwyn Hatfield website -