Annual report

Our Priorities and Performance

Our current Business Plan sets out our strategic vision over a three year period to March 2021.

Each year we publish a Business Action Plan setting out all of our strategic projects and key performance indicators aligned to our five corporate priorities. Within each priority are set of supporting objectives which provide a focus for the year.

Our current corporate priorities are:

  1. Our Community
  2. Our Environment
  3. Our Housing
  4. Our Economy
  5. Our Council

In our Business Action Plan for 2019-20 we successfully completed 79 per cent of all of our projects within the year, with a further 14 per cent of these projects being rolled forward for completion in 2020-21.

Projects and performance indicators that are not achieved, or are reported as missing their target outturn, are set out in a Performance Exception Report. This is presented to our Cabinet every quarter explaining what work will be done to take remedial action or improve performance. All Cabinet papers are published on the council's website.