Woodlands and nature reserves

Singlers Marsh

This wet meadow lies adjacent to the River Mimram on the northern edge of Welwyn. Managed by cattle grazing and cutting, it represents a rare habitat in Hertfordshire.

Singlers Marsh comprises a section of regionally important chalk river and lowland flood meadows.  The mosaic of grassland, willow scrub and more mature trees attract a wide range of wildlife especially plants of wet meadows, insects and birds including summer visitors.


Access is via several kissing gates along Fulling Mill Lane.


During the last two years, the Friends of the River Mimram and the Wednesday Volunteers have been coppicing Goat ('Pussy') willows along the old river course.  Contractors have pollarded many more Crack (White) Willows throughout the reserve.  Although the coppicing and pollarding looks drastic, healthy new shoots will soon grow from the stumps to provide good cover for wildlife.

Grazing with rare breed cattle has started again this summer. This aims to control taller vegetation in a more ecologically sympathetic way but nettles continue to be cut as often as is necessary during the summer months.

Attractive new information boards have been installed at each end of the nature reserve.