Annual Registration Canvass 2023

Households in Welwyn Hatfield will receive important registration information as part of the Borough Council’s annual canvass.

Local residents need to make sure their electoral registration details are up to date.

Households will receive a canvass letter asking them to check whether the information that appears on the electoral register for those living at their address is correct.

The aim of the letter is to ensure that the electoral register is up to date, to remove electors who are no longer resident, and to identify any residents who are not registered so they can be encouraged to do so. If there are any changes to be made, households are encouraged to respond online. Eligible residents on the electoral register would then be able take part in future elections.

Elections are due to take place in Welwyn Hatfield in May 2024, and this is an important opportunity for residents to make sure they can take part.

In June 2023 the Welwyn Hatfield register of electors was matched with records held with the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP).  Households will receive different types of letters depending on information matched with the DWP and records we hold.

If you receive a canvass letter with the reference CCA-E in the bottom left hand corner and it has the correct information and includes everyone eligible to register to vote, you do not need to respond.  However, you must respond if any information is wrong, or if there are people eligible to register to vote at this address that are not included.

If you receive a canvass letter with prefix CCB in the bottom left hand corner, you must respond (preferably online using the secure Welwyn Hatfield Household Information Response Website) with the correct information as soon as possible, so we can check who is eligible to vote.  The household letter will explain what to do and provides phone numbers and security codes.

It is particularly important that anyone who has recently moved looks out for the form.

New people will not automatically appear on the register as they are required to register individually using the Register to Vote Website.

The revised register of electors will be published on 1 December 2023.

You can contact the Electoral Services team by telephone on 01707 357300 or by email to with any queries about the registration process.

Welwyn Hatfield Household Information Response Website