Public health funerals

Under Section 46 of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 we have a legal duty to make funeral arrangements for those who die with the borough without anybody willing or able to make arrangements.

If this is the case we will:

  • contact a local funeral director to make arrangements.
  • usually arrange a cremation (unless the deceased had a preference for a burial)
  • provide simple, yet respectful arrangements
  • we will look to recover expenses from the deceased's estate.

Please note:

  • we do not authorise memorials on Public Health graves
  • plots are owned by the Council and up to three coffins can go in each plot
  • any remaining funds from the deceased's estate (after funeral costs) are passed to the Treasury Solicitors office.

List of recent public health funerals

The Public Burials document provides a list of recent cases.