Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM) Survey 2024

As your landlord, we want to know where we’re doing well and where we can do better.


The Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM) were introduced by the Regulator of Social Housing to show how providers of social housing in England are performing.

The first survey took place in February and March 2024, with a sample of approximately one third of tenant households (3,000).

It asked tenants for their views on 12 core performance measures, including:

  • our repairs service
  • how safe tenants feel in their homes
  • our approach to handling antisocial behaviour. 

Key findings

Overall satisfaction with our housing services was 60%.

Tenants scored us well on:

  • the level of service from our repairs service
  • maintenance of tenant’s homes
  • our staff treating tenants fairly and with respect
  • feeling safe in their homes (with high levels of compliance in gas safety checks, fire safety measures and electrical checks)

Areas tenants identified for improvement include:

  • resolving queries on the maintenance of communal grounds
  • tackling antisocial behaviour.

Next steps

We have used this feedback to develop an action plan to address and improve tenants’ perception and satisfaction with our housing services.

The Tenant Satisfaction Measures survey will take place every year and we will use the findings to identify trends and indications of where further improvements may be needed.