The Avenue Inquiry

The Avenue Inquiry 28 November 2023

Appeal by Land Group (Welwyn) Ltd

The Avenue Welwyn AL6 0PW


Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council (“WHBC”) 6/2023/0261/OUTLINE

Planning Inspectorate Appeal Reference: APP/C1950/W/23/3323564

Information and core documents about The Avenue Inquiry 28 November to 01 December 2023 will be uploaded to this page.


Case Management Conference

Pre-conference note

Conference note


Inquiry Programme

The programme will broadly be followed, however, it may at times run ahead or behind schedule depending on progress;


Tuesday 28 November

Todays Council Chamber session has adjourned with site visits taking place this afternoon.

Wednesday 29 November

Council Chamber session to commence 10am


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The inquiry will be available to view on our webcasting site.

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