Many allotment sites have a waiting list due to high demand and we operate a waiting list for each of our sites.

Due to demand you can only be added to one waiting list.


Waiting time

When you apply we will indicate how quickly plots turnover on a particular site.  It is not possible to say how long you will have to wait as we cannot predict when plots will become available.  This said, on average across the borough the waiting time is about 3 years, but this varies from ward to ward.


Choose the Right Site

Look at our Allotment Locations and Site Details to choose the allotment site that's right for you from the start.  Once on the waiting list you cannot transfer to another site without giving up your existing place.  You will join the bottom of the new waiting list.

You need to take into account the distance from your home and the practicalities of getting to your site with tools etc, particularly in the winter when it gets dark earlier.


Offering you a plot

As soon as you reach the top of the list and plot becomes available, we will contact you by post so it is very important that you keep us informed of any change of address. We will contact you by letter to offer you a plot, giving details about the plot and a map showing its location.

You will have 7 days from the receipt of the letter to respond to the offer.  If you do not respond within 7 days the offer will be removed.  If you do not contact us within 28 days you will be removed from the waiting list.  If the plot is not suitable, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Vacant plots

All sites are inspected regularly, but during the summer weeds grow quickly.  If you see a plot which is not currently being worked, this does not necessarily mean that it is vacant.

When we find that a plot is not being worked we start the 28 day Notice to Quit Enforcement Process and write to the tenant. They have an opportunity to make improvements, and to contact us to discuss any problems they may be having.

Available plots are offered immediately to the person at the top of the waiting list.

Once a new tenant takes on a plot then they have 3 months to bring their new plot back into use by cultivating at least 25% of the plot.  It can seem like a plot has not been worked for several months.


Cancel your request

If you no longer wish to be on the waiting list please contact us as soon as possible.