Bradmore Way Planning Appeal Inquiry

Appeal by Aurora Properties (UK) Limited

Land to the North of Bradmore Way, Bradmore Way, The Brookmans Estate, Brookmans Park

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council (“WHBC”) 6/2022/1097/OUTLINE)

Planning Inspectorate Appeal Reference: APP/C1950/W/22/3307844

Information and core documents about the Bradmore Way Inquiry opening on 7 February 2023 will be uploaded to this page.


Proofs of Evidence

Council - Proofs of Evidence

Appellant - Proofs of Evidence

Rule 6 Party (Combined Objectors Group) - Proofs of Evidence


Rebuttal Proofs

Council - Rebuttal Proofs

Appellant - Rebuttal Proofs

Rule 6 Party (Combined Objectors Group) - Rebuttal Proofs


CIL Compliance Statement

CIL Compliance Statement. WHBC. APP.C1950.W.22.3307844

CIL Compliance Statement Appendices. WHBC. APP.C1950.W.22.3307844


Core Documents List 

Final Version Revision B Core Documents List 25.01.2023


Round Table Sessions

Round Table Sessions Agenda


Folder 1 Essential Supporting Documents (CD1, CD2, CD3 & CD4)           
CD1 Submitted planning application documents
CD2 Additional documents
CD3 Consultation responses
CD4 Committee Reports


Folder 2   Policies (CD5, CD6, CD7 & CD8)                                          
CD5 Current Development Plans
CD6 Documents relevant to the emerging preparation of the Local Plan 2013-2032
CD7 WHBC five year land supply documents
CD8 Additional policy information and guidance                                                 


Folder 3    Appeal Decisions, Secretary of State Decisions and Court Judgements (CD9, CD10 & CD11)
CD9        Appeal decisions
CD10 Secretary of State Decisions
CD11 Court Judgements


Folder 4 Miscellaneous (CD12)                                  
CD12 Miscellaneous                                                 


Folder 5 Appeal Documents                             
CD13 CD13 Appeal Documents


View the Bradmore Way Inquiry Meetings

The inquiry will be available to view on our webcasting site.

View the Bradmore Way Inquiry Meetings

Accessible documents

We have not been able to make some of these documents fully accessible. Contact us if need a document in a different format.