Community Awards

Our Community Awards are about recognising the breadth of talent and commitment of residents across the borough.

You can nominate someone you feel deserves an award by completing the online form below.

Who is eligible for a nomination: 

  • the person or organisation must currently live or be based in Welwyn Hatfield
  • you should not submit mutiple nominations for the same person for the same award (though you can nominate different people for the same award, and the same person for different awards)
  • the Council’s organisational partners are also eligible to be nominated.

Make a nomination

Nominations closed on 31 December 2023.

Next steps:

Winners will be chosen by a panel of community representatives and senior Council leaders.

Awards will be given based on residents’ contributions to the community.

The Civic Award is an exception to this, as it recognises long-standing service to the community.