The Community Trigger

The Trigger ensures we work together to try and resolve any complaints about anti-social behaviour. We will do this by talking about the problem, sharing information and using our resources to try and reach an agreeable outcome.

Your details will not be shared with agencies or individuals outside of the Community Safety Partnership and will be stored in accordance with Data Protection rules.

When can you use the Trigger

The Community Trigger can be used in the following situations:

  • If you have complained to the council, the police or a Registered Housing Provider (social landlord) about three separate incidents of a similar nature in the last six months and no action has been taken.
  • If five individuals in the local community have complained separately to the council, the police or a Registered Housing Provider (social landlord) in the last six months about similar incidents of anti-social behaviour and no action has been taken.

The Community Trigger cannot be used:

  • To report general acts of crime or anti-social behaviour.
  • If you have an ongoing complaint that is being dealt with by one of the organisations mentioned above.

How to use the Trigger

To use the Community Trigger contact the Anti-Social Behaviour Team.

You will need to give:

  • details of each time you've complained
  • who you have complained to (name, organisations and/or Incident Reference Number)
  • an explanation of the anti-social behaviour that has taken place.

Outcomes of the Trigger

  • You will first get an acknowledgement in 3 working days.
  • The next ASB Forum will review how the Community Safety Partnership has responded to your reports of anti-social behaviour and will make recommendations on how the problem can be resolved. 
  • You will get notified of the decision in 5 working days by letter. It will outline the actions already taken and the suggestions on how the Community Safety Partnership can attempt to resolve the ant-social behaviour.

The community trigger does not provide the council, the police or a Registered Housing Provider (social landlord) with any additional powers to address anti-social behaviour, but it is ensures that the most appropriate actions have been taken.

If you are not satisfied

  • you can request a further review from the Chair of the Community Safety Partnership

Contact the Anti-Social Behaviour Team to do this.

Contact the Anti-Social Behaviour Team

Telephone: 01707 357 000