Tenancy Fraud

Report tenancy fraud

Housing fraud can prevent those who are most in need from being able to find a home. We treat it very seriously and will investigate and take action against anybody who commits this offence.

Use the link below to tell us about tenancy fraud. All reports are confidential.

Report tenancy fraud

Types of tenancy fraud

  • Unlawful subletting

This is when a tenant lets out their council or housing association home without the knowledge or permission of their landlord.

Tenants will often continue to pay rent for the property directly to their landlord whilst charging the person they are subletting to a much higher rate.

  • Obtaining housing by deception

When a tenant gives false or inaccurate information, or does not tell us about important information when applying for housing.

  • Wrongly claimed succession

This is when someone takes over a tenancy when they have no right to do so after a tenant passes away. There are rules about who can take over a tenancy after someone passes away.

  • Subletting by leaseholders

If someone has bought their home as council leaseholder they may be able to sublet it with our permission. If they do not get our permission to do this it could invalidate their rights and any insurance claims may be rejected.

  • Fraudulent activity by our staff and contractors

We have a Code of Conduct which means our staff, contractors and anyone working on behalf of the council should be impartial and professional at all times. If they act outside of our policies and procedures without authorisation this may be classed as fraud.