Living in a hospital or care home Council Tax discount

If you are living in a hospital or care home

You may be exempt from paying Council Tax if you live in a hospital, care home, or at a new address where care is provided.

To qualify you should still own or rent your former home. No one else should be living there since you moved.


If you own a hospital or care home

You need to pay Council Tax if you are the owner of a:

  • NHS hospital

  • mental health nursing home

  • military hospital

  • nursing home

  • residential care home

  • bail hostel

  • probation hostel

  • hostel where care and treatment is given*.

*you must be giving care or treatment to somoeone who is elderly, has a physical or mental disability, alcohol or drug dependency, or mental illness (now or in the past).

Any residents receiving care and treatment will not be counted when working out Council Tax. This means you may be able to get a 25 or 50 per cent discount.


Apply for a Council Tax discount

Apply using the Person in Hospital Form or a Persons in a Home Form.