Second Adult Council Tax rebate

Who can get a Second Adult rebate

You may be able to apply for a Second Adult rebate if:

  • you are a Council Tax payer
  • and you live with other family members (but not partners or spouses) 
  • they are over the age of 18
  • and they are on a low income. 

An example of this could be:

  • a single parent who loses their sole resident discount when their child turns 18 and starts work
  • a single person who has an older person living with them who is on a low income.

The rebate is worked out based upon the income and circumstances of the other adults living with you.

You cannot claim second adult rebate at the same time as Council Tax Support.

Apply for a Second Adult rebate

Contact us at to apply for the rebate. We will work out which discount is worth more to you.

The rebate will be paid into your Council Tax account and be taken off your bill.