Compensation claims

Making a claim for compensation

You may wish to claim compensation if you think we have caused:

  • loss or damage to your property
  • personal injury

What to consider

  • there is no automatic right to compensation
  • you will need to prove that the damage or injury was due to our negligence or breach of duty
  • if you can you should take action to prevent damage or stop it from getting worse (if you do not do this you may get less or no compensation)
  • we are not obliged to replace old goods with new ones, any compensation offered will take into account their age and condition.

If your loss is covered by your own insurance policy:

  • contact your own insurer and pursue a claim with them
  • if they believe we responsible they will be able to pursue a recovery claim against us in your name.

Make a claim

Write to us with the full details of what happened. You should include:

  • any other related incidents or complaints
  • the date and time it happened
  • details of the damage or injury
  • why you think we are responsible

If your property was damaged you should also include:

  • photos showing evidence of the damage
  • how old it is and how much it cost
  • receipts
  • what steps you have taken to prevent damage or stop it from getting worse (for example moving items away from leaks, cleaning furnishings, making repairs, cutting back branches).

What happens once you have made a claim:

  • we will register your claim
  • it will be looked by our Insurance Team, or passed to our public liability insurer
  • we will investigate what led to the incident and gather information
  • we will make a decision on whether we are liable to pay compensation.


Compensation claims

Contact us in writing at the email or address below to make a claim.

Address: Insurance Team
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council
The Campus
Welwyn Garden City

Contact Hertfordshire County Council about potholes

Compensation claims relating to potholes should be reported to Hertfordshire County Council who maintain most of the roads in our borough.

Contact Hertfordshire County Council