Councillor information

Councillors allowances

Councillors do not get a salary. They are paid an allowance and expenses to cover their costs.

Our Independent Remuneration Panel to review these every 4 years. The Panel is made up of local business and professional representatives.

The panel also reviews any changes to the allowance scheme. They make recommendations which go to the next Council meeting. 

How much allowances are

Each councillor gets a basic allowance. Some councillors also get a special responsibility allowance for doing other roles. Councillor's only get one special responsibility allowance even if they take on more than one extra role.

The table below shows how much the allowances are.

2024/25 Allowances:



Basic Allowance


Council leader


Deputy leader


First Opposition leader


Cabinet member


Overview and Scrutiny Committee Chair


Development Management Committee Chair


Cabinet Housing Panel Chair


Cabinet Parking and Planning Panel Chair


Climate Biodiversity Cabinet Panel


Community Cabinet Panel Chair


Audit Committee Chair


Licensing Committee Chair


Standards Committee Chair


Mayor £7,628.90
Deputy Mayor £3,814.45

 More information about payments from previous year's