Internal audit

We carry out internal audits. We use Shared Internal Audit Services (SIAS) to do this. SIAS is partnershipled by Hertfordshire County Council. 

All areas of our activities are audited and a report is produced.

The report covers the work done and includes an independent opinion on the area.  If issues are identified, recommendations are put forward for management. The final report is shared with the Executive Director, the Vice Chairman and the Audit Committee.

Annual Governance Statement

We follow professional standards and produce an  Annual Internal Audit Report . This makes up an important part of our Annual Governance Statement.

Anti-fraud and Anti-corruption 

We are part of the Shared Anti-Fraud Service and will investigate allegations of suspected fraud, corruption or irregularity. You can report cases of fraud to us.

We also coordinate the submission and analysis of data to support the Cabinet Offices National Fraud Initiative.