Councillors do not receive a salary, but are paid an allowance and expenses to cover their costs.

The Local Government Act 2000 required all Local Authorities in England to set up an Independent Remuneration Panel to review their Members Allowance Scheme. The panel in Welwyn Hatfield usually reviews the scheme annually. The Panel is made up of local business and professional representatives.

Local Authorities must ensure the panels are convened before any changes to their allowance scheme. The recommendations of the panel then go to the next Council meeting. When making a decision the Council must pay regard to the panel's recommendations, although it is not obliged to accept or implement them.

Each councillor receives a basic allowance and some councillors also receive a special responsibility allowance for additional roles that they undertake. (Please note that an individual councillor may receive only one special responsibility allowance, regardless of the number of roles that councillor performs.)


Basic and Special Responsibility Allowances for Members 2020/21



Basic Allowance


Leader of the Council


Deputy Leader


Cabinet Member


Chairmen of Overview and Scrutiny Committees


Chairman of Development Management Committee


Chairman of Hackney Carriage Committee


Chairman of Cabinet Panel


Chairman of Audit Committee


Chairman of Licensing and Regulated Entertainment Committee  


Leaders of First Opposition Groups


Leader of Second Opposition Groups


Chairman of Standards Committee




Deputy Mayor



Details of payments made


Details of payment rules


Reports of the Independent Remuneration Panel

The Independent Remuneration Panel oversees councillors' remuneration.