Oxleys Wood - Woodlands and nature reserves

Overview of habitat
This small woodland lies south of Deerswood Avenue and is important for its woodland plants.

Tree species such as oak, ash, elm, willow and poplar provide good habitat for insects, which in turn support a number of common bird species. There is a pond in the northern, wetter part of the wood.
How to access
The woodland often floods in wet weather but a circular path that leads around the wood from Deerswood Avenue in south Hatfield is accessible most of the year.
Volunteer with us

If you have time to spare and would like to help with anything ranging from path maintenance, coppicing, hedge restoration, bird and butterfly survey, please contact us.

How we manage the site
Recent management has included pond restoration, willow coppicing, glade creation and small scale thinning of young trees to make space for those left behind. Tree surgery work has been carried out to make some of the mature ash trees safe and a number of the over-mature poplars have been felled.

At all our sites we manage them with a balanced consideration to improve both wildlife biodiversity and public amenity whilst providing a safe and attractive experience for visitors.

All of our major sites have a dedicated ecological management plan which is used to help tailor the management to suit differing landscapes and habitat types.
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