People in detention

People who are being held in detention but who have not yet moved out permanently from their home are not counted for council tax purposes.

If you are not counted for Council Tax, but there is another adult over 18 living in your home they may be entitled to a discount on their Council Tax.

Those not counted include people who have been:

  • convicted

  • are on remand

  • held awaiting deportation

  • held under the Mental Health Act

It does not include periods where:

  • someone who is in police custody and is waiting to be remanded by a court

  • someone who is in prison for non-payment of their Council Tax or a fine.

If all of the people who were living in a property are detained as above, the property is exempt from Council Tax.

You need to complete an Icon for pdf Persons in Detention Form which is also available from the Council Tax office.