You may be entitled to a reduction in your Council Tax if your home has been adapted for a disabled person who lives there.

You need to complete an  Icon for pdf Council Tax Disabled Discount Form which is also available from the Council Tax office. A doctor or other medically qualified person must also sign a statement on the form in support of your claim. We will then contact you to arrange for a Council Tax inspector to visit your home to check whether you are entitled to the reduction. Once this has happened, we will let you know the decision within 14 working days

All homes have been placed in one of eight Valuation Bands from A to H. If you are entitled to this reduction, your bill will be worked out on the band below the current band of the property. For example if your home is in Band D, your bill will be calculated using Band C. If your home is in Band A, your bill will be an amount equal to five ninths of Band D.

The band reduction will only apply if a person who is a qualifying individual lives in the property as their main home.  A qualifying individual is "a person who is substantially and permanently disabled (whether by illness, injury, congenital deformity or otherwise."

A qualifying individual can be anyone who lives in the property as their main home; they can be under the age of 18 years old.

The reduction is given if there is at least one of the following in the home:

  • A room mainly used for the care or therapy of the a disabled person. This room must not be a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory.

  • A second bathroom or kitchen that is there for meeting the needs of the disabled person.

  • A disabled person who uses a wheelchair indoors and there is sufficient floor space to allow for this.

If you are told you do not qualify and you disagree you should write to the Council Tax Unit giving reasons why you think our decision is unfair. The council then has two months to make a decision on your appeal. If this is not done or you are still unhappy, you can appeal to a Valuation Tribunal.

Your income level is not taken into account, although if you are in receipt of Council Tax Benefit, this will be adjusted following the reduction.

You will not need to reapply each year but we will ask for confirmation each year that circumstances have not changed.