If you are receiving pension credit you may be entitled to a rebate on your council tax. Pension credit can be made up of Guarantee Credit and/or Savings Credit.

Guarantee Credit

Awarded to people over 60 who would otherwise qualify for Income Support.

Savings Credit

Additional income for pensioners aged 65 and over who have made some provision for their retirement, for example, by having a small private pension and/or some savings.

Depending on the age and income of the claimant and their partner you may be entitled to either or both credits.

If you are receiving Guarantee Credit you may be entitled to 100% rebate on your council tax.

If you receive Savings Credit only, and have under £16,000 in savings you may still be eligible for some council tax support. This will be dependent on your income, savings and the amount of Savings Credit you receive.

You may automatically qualify for backdated benefit or support for up to three months if you claim Pension Credit, dependant on your resources.