Private water supplies

Some properties in the borough use private water supplies (not provided by Affinity Water). Most of these are in rural areas using a well, borehole, or spring water.

Private water suppliers are responsible for ensuring that the quality of the water is wholesome and meets the same standard as the mains supply.

For issues with mains water supplies contact  Affinity Water.


Register a private water supply:

If you think you own a private water supply in the borough and you are not registered use the link below to complete a questionnaire and send it to us.

 Private Water Supplier's questionnaire 


How we monitor private water suppliers

We ensure that all private water supply owners meet their legal obligations by:

  • taking samples every year
  • complete a risk assessment of all Private Water Supplies in the first five years, except for supplies to single domestic dwellings (unless a risk assessment is requested)
  • sending an annual report to the Drinking Water Inspectorate
  • keeping a register of all the private water supplies, you can contact us to view this

 The charges for risk assessments, sampling and investigation cen be found in our Fees & Charges.

If you are a private water supplier contact us at to arrange for a sample to be taken.


Action we take if a private water supply is unwholesome:

  • investigate the cause
  • inform the user(s) if the supply constitutes a potential danger to human health
  • give the user(s) advice on how to minimise the potential of danger
  • seek advice from the Health Protection Agency on whether there is potential danger to human health
  • work with the Private Water Supply owner to prevent potential danger to human health.

If informal action does not solve the issue we may serve legal notices.

More information about private water suppliers