Food Poisoning

We investigate food poisoning and food related infectious illnesses that GPs, Public Health England, the public and local businesses tell us about.

If you think you may have become ill after eating food from a business in Welwyn Hatfield you can make a food safety complaint.

Advice for businesses

Staff illness

If staff are suffering from sickness or diarrhoea lasting more than 24 hours they should go to their GP.

Alternatively you can contact us for more advice.

If you have concerns about the how an individual is coping with the illness contact NHS 111 for advice.

For more information visit Public Health England and The Department of Health.

Customer complaints about food poisoning

If a customer says they have become ill from food served or sold by you, you should:

  • advise them to see their GP to confirm a diagnosis
  • take their name, address, contact telephone numbers and information about when the food was purchased and eaten.

Food poisoning infections can be caught from other people as well as directly from food.

Environmental Health

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