Small Grants and Equipment Fund

Application questions

In the online form, you will be asked the below questions.

  • Name of club/organisation
  • Name of contact
  • Contact email
  • Contact number
  • Address of club/organisation
  • How would you describe your organisation?
  • How much funding do you want to apply for?
  • Please provide details on what the funding will be used towards
  • Which Hatfield community sports fund priorities does your project fall within?
  • Who is the project aimed at helping?
  • How many people will benefit from the project?
  • What date will the project take place/the money be spent by?
  • Please provide a breakdown of the costs
  • Where did you hear about this funding?
  • Referee 1 name
  • Referee 1 email address
  • Referee 2 name
  • Referee 2 email address
  • Please upload appropriate governance document for your organisation
  • Please upload your equality and diversity statement
  • Please upload safeguarding policies for children and vulnerable adults (if applicable)