The Cabinet

Max Holloway smiling

Leader of the Council, Executive Member Climate Change

Councillor Max Holloway

Areas of responsibility:

  • Climate Change
  • Performance Management
  • Business Excellence
  • Safeguarding
  • Transformation
Councillor Jane Quinton

Deputy Leader of the Council, Executive Member Leisure and Community

Councillor Jane Quinton

Areas of responsibility:

  • Community Grant
  • GLL, (Youth and sports Partnership)
  • Campus West
  • The Hive
  • Mill Green Museum and Roman Baths
  • Customer and Cemeteries
  • Comms
  • Marketing and Website
  • Community Outreach
Councillor Sandreni Bonfante

Executive Member Environment

Councillor Sandreni Bonfante

Areas of responsibility:

  • Environment Services
  • Landscape and Ecology
  • Environmental Health
  • Parking and Playground
  • Neighbourhood and Enforcement
  • Street Wardens
  • Community Safety Partnership
  • Community Partnerships (excl. community safety, sports partnership)
  • Private Sector Housing
  • CCTV
man looking at camera at an angle

Executive Member Governance

Councillor Kieran Thorpe

Areas of responsibility:

  • Elections
  • ICT Services
  • Governance Services
  • Digital
  • HR
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Member Development
  • Hackney Carriages
  • Licensing
  • Legal Services
  • Risk Management
Woman smiling wearing a purple shirt

Executive Member Housing

Councillor Gemma Moore

Areas of responsibility:

  • Planned Maintenance (Housing)
  • Repairs
  • Housing Options
  • Housing Development
  • Housing Allocations
  • Independent Living
  • Income and Home Ownership
  • Quality Assurance
  • Building Services
  • Compliance


Woman smiling wearing a green top

Executive Member Planning

Councillor Rose Grewal

Areas of responsibility:

  • Planning Policy
  • Estates Management Scheme
  • Development Management
  • GIS
  • Regeneration
  • Building Control
  • Resilience (Emergency Planning)
Councillor James Broach

Executive Member Resources

Councillor James Broach

Areas of responsibility:

  • Business Centres
  • Internal Audit and Fraud
  • Finance
  • Revs and Bens
  • Estates
  • Economic Development
  • Procurement