Affordable Housing and housing developments

New housing developments

Our new housing developments are listed below. Some of these development include afforable housing.


Burfield Close*
24 one bedroom flats for older people and 5 domestic use garages. Proposals to build a temporary accommodation facility.


Howlands House, Welwyn Garden City*
 Existing temporary accommodation. New temporary accommodation blocks to be redeveloped on site.


The Commons
Planning permission granted for 4 two bed houses.


Minster House, Minster Close
Existing sheltered housing scheme. 90 one and two bed flats for the over 55s.


Ludwick Way, Welwyn Garden City
Planning permission granted for 6 three bed houses.


Ludwick Green, Welwyn Garden City*
14 one bed flats.


Haseldine Meadows, Hatfield*
6 two bed houses and 1 three bed house.


Hazel Grove, Hatfield*
2 two bed houses.


Lockley Crescent, Hatfield*
4 two bed houses and 1 one bed bungalow.


*Subject to planning permission.