Maximum taxi fares

The maximum fares a taxi can charge are shown below.


  • If the distance is less than 525 yards (480 metres) for the whole distance £3.00
  • If the distance is more than 525 yards (480 metres) £3.00 for the first 525 yards (480 metres) then 20p for every 150 yards (137 metres)

Waiting Time

  •  40p for each minute

Extra Charges

These charges are not per passenger.

  • hire between 11pm and 7am + 50%
  • hire between 7am and midnight on Sunday +50%
  • hire between 7pm and midnight Christmas and New Years Eve + 50%
  • hire on Bank Holidays (Except Christmas and Boxing Day) + 50%
  • hire on Christmas, Boxing Day, and between midnight and 7am New Years Day + 100%
  • fouling of the vehicle by passengers or their animals up to £100.00

Hackney Carriage office

If you would like more information about taxi licenses or need to make a complaint about a taxi contact us on the details below.

Address: Council Offices
Campus East
Welwyn Garden City

Telephone: 01707 357 984