Taxi passengers with disabilities

Designated taxi drivers have a legal responsibility to make their services accessible to passengers with disabilities. This is explained in section 165 of the Equality Act 2010.

Duty of designated taxi drivers to make their service accessible

They must:

  • carry the passenger whilst in the wheelchair

  • not charge extra for doing this

  • if the person chooses to sit in a passenger seat, carry the wheelchair

  • take reasonable steps to ensure the passenger is safe and comfortable

  • give the passenger reasonable mobility assistance if required

It is an offence if the driver does not do this and they can be fined up to £1,000.

Exemptions to making taxis accessible

There may be valid reasons for a driver not being able to provide this service:

  • on medical grounds
  • if the driver's physical conditions make it impossible or unreasonably difficult for them to comply

If this is the case we can issue an exemption certificate to the driver. There are currently 0 driver(s) in Welwyn Hatfield with an exemption(s).


Wheelchair accessible vehicles in Welwyn Hatfield

Section 167 list of wheelchair accessible vehicles
Registration Vehicle make Vehicle model Operator Contact details Licence type
VHZ 3326 Volkswagon Caddy Maxi Life Mr Ahmed 07490 967 047 Hackney Carriage
FJ68 TVP   Mercedes Vito    Mr Choudhery To be confirmed Hackney Carriage
NK19 AYP  Volkswagon  Caddy Maxi Life Not published Not published Hackney Carriage



Reporting a taxi driver

If you feel that a driver has acted unlawfully by refusing to carry you contact us with the following details: vehicle make, plate number (found on the rear of the vehicle), and if possible, the driver's badge number.