Licensing Policy Consultation

We are consulting on updates to our Licensing Policy for 2025 to 2030 which will come into effect from January 2025. We are now consulting with interested parties on the changes that have been made to the draft policy. 

The main changes to the Home Office guidance are listed below.

We have also made some local changes to our policy:

  • Entitlement to work in the UK for personal licence holders. Criminal record checks and means of checking the right to work via a weblink.
  • Persons operating an alcohol delivery service should check with the Licensing Authority that this form of alcohol sale is permitted.
  • New paragraphs 4.82-4.84 clarifying the circumstances when a closure notice may be served and when an application can be made to court to close the premises.
  • Clarification that Home Office Immigration Enforcement is not a responsible authority in relation to Club Premises Certificates.
  • Increase in the limits for Temporary Event Notices (TENS).
  • Clarification that there is no right of appeal if a late TEN receives an objection from the police or Environmental Health.
  • Full variations should not be used to vary substantially the premises to which a licence relates. A new application should be submitted instead. 
  • Clarification that conditions should be interpreted in accordance with the applicant’s intentions and be proportionate and appropriate.
  • Addition of paragraph 14.66 to bring licensing more in line with planning and refers to the agent of change.
  • Removal of Annexe A - documents demonstrating the entitlement to work have been replaced with embedded web links.

For full details of all changes please read the updated Licensing Policy.

Take part in the consultation

To take part in the consultation:

If you are unable to complete the online survey you can contact us to request a paper copy, or email your comments to us, at


Licensing Policy 2025 to 2030

Let us know what you think about the proposed changes to our Licensing Policy.

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