The council's Cabinet approved a report recommending the replacement of the borough's 356 mature Lombardy Poplar trees.

Planted during post-war development, the trees are approaching the end of their natural lifespan and, unlike other species, are especially prone to breakage; they grow and establish quickly, making their wood weaker and increasingly brittle with age.

Alongside these issues associated with their maturity, we are also seeing a change in how Lombardy Poplars are failing; trees have fallen because of disease, despite internal and external checks concluding they were healthy.

It is essential we act now to help protect residents from future incidents.


The trees will be replaced by species more suited to the borough's environment that will preserve Welwyn Hatfield's distinctive tree landscape for the future.

Felling would be expected to begin in April with replanting due to start in November this year, coinciding with the winter planting season. This would also give the tree landscape a chance to re-establish ahead of the of the Welwyn Garden City centenary and Hatfield 2030+ renewal projects.

We are fully committed to maintaining a healthy environment and appreciate the part our urban street trees play in that, and for every old tree taken down, a new one will be planted.


More information can be found in our Icon for pdf FAQs or the full Icon for pdf Cabinet Report.

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